At FOCUS Pilates it is all about energy, good vibes and leading with the heart.  We’ll keep you motivated, challenged and connected giving you better posture, increased flexibility, and full-body toning. 

Core Offerings

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Guiding people to re-balance their bodies by focusing on posture and breath. 


FOCUS on a specific goal and receive one-on-one attention. Programming is built based on your posture. 


Our signature classes are a Pilates foundation paired with other styles to add variety to your workout. 

Yoga Class Participants

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Pilates is a challenging, low impact, total body workout that focuses on strengthening the core and elongating rather than bulking muscles. 

Why is Focus Good For You?

Private Sessions can be done anywhere

This is all about your goal! All sessions are personalized and focus on your specific posture alignment.

This is the key to change.

Pilates is the foundation

Pilates is the science behind the exercises.

With a Pilates Foundation the body re-aligns.

Class time choices

Whether you want the netflix style library, a live class online or to join in-person the choice is yours!

Try new classes and styles

We fuse strength, yoga, barre, and cardio into all of our Pilates classes so you pick the focus of your workout.

A Word from Our Clients


Start your Pilates journey today

Now is the time to re-align your FOCUS.